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WoodHaven Ghost Series 3 Pack Mouth Turkey Calls

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Turkey hunters, do you need a versatile and effective way to lure in wary gobblers? Look no further than the WoodHaven Ghost 3 Pack, a premium collection of diaphragm turkey calls designed to imitate a wide range of hen sounds with unmatched realism. This dynamic trio—the Blue Demon, Red Ghost, and Toxic Orange—equips you to adapt your calling approach to any hunting scenario, increasing your chances of a successful hunt.

The riddle behind the Ghost 3 Pack's effectiveness lies in WoodHaven's commitment to quality. Each call is handcrafted and hand-stretched, featuring 2.5 reeds made from latex of varying thicknesses. This meticulous design allows each call to produce distinct and realistic turkey sounds, giving you the upper hand in the field.

  • Blue Demon: Let out the perfect kee-kee runs and soft clucks with the Blue Demon. This call excels at imitating the subtle vocalizations of young hens, ideal for attracting curious birds or calming agitated gobblers.
  • Red Ghost: When you need to cut through the commotion and grab a tom's attention, reach for the Red Ghost. This call generates sharp cutts and aggressive yelps, perfect for aggressive calling tactics or replicating the territorial pronouncements of a dominant hen.
  • Toxic Orange: The Toxic Orange perfectly balances the Blue Demon's gentle touch and the Red Ghost's bold voice. This all-around call produces a wide range of realistic hen yelps, clucks, and cuts, making it ideal for various hunting situations.

The Ghost 3 Pack goes beyond offering a variety of sounds. The diaphragm design ensures a comfortable fit in your mouth, allowing for natural and nuanced calling control. The compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry all three calls without weighing down your turkey vest.

  • Unmatched Versatility: Mimic a wide range of hen sounds with the Blue Demon, Red Ghost, and Toxic Orange, adapting your calling strategy to any situation.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Experience the difference of meticulously hand-stretched 2.5-reed calls for superior sound production.
  • Diaphragm Design: Enjoy a comfortable fit for natural and nuanced calling control.
  • Compact and Portable: Carry all three calls conveniently in your turkey vest without added bulk.
  • Proven Track Record: WoodHaven Custom Calls are renowned for their quality and effectiveness amongst turkey hunters.

With the WoodHaven Ghost 3 Pack in your arsenal, you'll be prepared to speak the language of the turkey and lure in even the most cautious gobblers. Order your pack today and elevate your turkey hunting experience to the next level!

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