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Winchester Lite 12GA 2.75IN 1OZ #7.5 AAHLA127-CASE

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Target shooters understand the importance of unwavering consistency and reliability in their ammunition. For decades, Winchester AA target loads have been a go-to choice for those seeking these very qualities. The Winchester AA Lite 12 Gauge 2.75" 1 oz #7.5 Shot (AAHLA127-CASE) continues this legacy in a lighter-recoiling package, perfect for both high-volume target practice and introducing new shooters to the sport.

This load is specifically designed with a reduced 1-ounce shot charge and lower dram equivalent. This translates to a significant decrease in felt recoil compared to standard target loads. Less recoil means less flinch, which translates to tighter shot patterns and improved accuracy, especially during extended shooting sessions. Winchester AA hulls are renowned for their consistent quality, reloadability, and smooth feeding in your shotgun. Additionally, the clean-burning powder ensures reliable cycling and minimizes fouling in your firearm.

The #7.5 shot size is ideal for trap, skeet, and sporting clays disciplines, particularly for mid-range targets. It perfectly balances pattern density and individual pellet size, ensuring effective target breakage. The AAHLA127-CASE designation signifies this product comes in a convenient bulk case of 10 boxes, offering significant cost savings for high-volume shooters.

There are several compelling reasons to choose Winchester AA Lite Target Loads. Firstly, the reduced recoil allows for longer shooting sessions without fatigue, making it ideal for both practice and competition. Secondly, the lower recoil translates to less flinch, enabling shooters to focus on proper form and follow-through, leading to tighter shot patterns and more broken clays. Finally, the bulk case option offers significant cost savings compared to buying individual boxes, making it an economical choice for serious target shooters. New shooters will also benefit from the lighter recoil, promoting confidence and fostering proper shooting technique development.

The Winchester AA Lite 12 Gauge 2.75" 1 oz #7.5 Shot (AAHLA127-CASE) is a dependable target load meticulously crafted for high-volume shooting with reduced recoil. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or just starting out, these shells deliver consistent performance, aiding you in refining your accuracy and shattering more clays on the range.

This is sold as a case of 10 boxes with 25 rounds per box.

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