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Winchester Blind Side 2 12 GA 3` 1 3/8 OZ #3 - CASE

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The Winchester Blind Side 2 12 Ga 3" 1-3/8 oz #3 shot is a top-of-the-line waterfowl load designed for hard-hitting performance on ducks, geese, and other game birds. This powerful ammunition comes in a convenient CASE quantity, perfect for serious waterfowl hunters who demand reliable results.

The Blind Side 2 features Winchester's innovative Hex Steel shot. This revolutionary shot design boasts a more rounded and aerodynamic shape than traditional round shots. This translates to several key benefits:

  • Tighter Patterns:Ā The improved aerodynamics of Hex Steel shot results in denser shot patterns at longer distances. This means more pellets are on target for cleaner kills, and less ammunition is wasted.
  • Increased Downrange Energy:Ā The rounded shape of the Hex Steel shot minimizes air resistance, allowing it to maintain its velocity better over longer distances. This translates to more knock-down power for taking down even the most challenging birds.
  • Enhanced Lethality: While the rounded edges improve flight characteristics, the six flat faces of each Hex Steel pellet create a tumbling effect upon impact. This unique design transfers energy more effectively to the target, resulting in quicker and more humane kills.

The Blind Side 2 isn't just about knock-down power performance; it's also constructed to withstand waterfowl hunters who often face extreme conditions. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Drylok Wad and Primer System:Ā Winchester's Drylok technology provides exceptional water resistance, ensuring your shells perform flawlessly even in wet environments.
  • 4-Petal Wad:Ā This innovative wad design optimizes choke performance, allowing you to achieve the tightest patterns possible with your shotgun's choke tube.
  • Nickel-Plated Head: The Blind Side 2 features a corrosion-resistant nickel-plated head, making it ideal for storage and use in humid or salty environments.

The Winchester Blind Side 2 12 Ga 3" 1-3/8 oz #3 shot is perfect for a variety of waterfowl hunting applications, including:

  • Over-the-decoy setups:Ā The dense patterns and long-range capabilities make the Blind Side 2 ideal for taking down ducks and geese when they come into close range.
  • Pass shooting:Ā The excellent downrange energy ensures clean kills on birds passing at a distance.
  • Field hunting:Ā The Blind Side 2's versatility makes it an excellent choice for hunters who encounter a variety of waterfowl species in different terrains.

The Winchester Blind Side 2 12 Ga 3" 1-3/8 oz #3 shot is an exceptional choice for waterfowl hunters seeking dependable performance and devastating effectiveness.Ā 

This is sold as a case of 10 boxes with 25 rounds per box.

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