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Winchester Blind Side 2 12GA 3IN #2 1 3/8 OZ - CASE

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The Winchester Blind Side 2 12 gauge 3" #2 shot, sold in a convenient 250-round case, is a top choice for waterfowl hunters seeking a reliable, hard-hitting load for their next expedition. This ammunition combines Winchester's legendary quality with cutting-edge technology to deliver devastating performance in the field.

The Blind Side 2's most significant upgrade is its all-new Hex Steel Shot. This innovative shot type features a unique hexagonal shape that offers several advantages over traditional round shot:

  • Tighter patterns:¬†The hex shape promotes a more uniform stack within the shotshell, resulting in denser patterns downrange. This translates to more pellets hitting your target for cleaner kills.
  • Improved downrange energy:¬†The aerodynamic design of the hex shot minimizes air resistance, allowing pellets to retain more energy as they travel. This translates to increased knockdown power at longer distances.
  • Enhanced lethality:¬†While round shot tends to fly straight, hex shot tumbles upon impact. This "hexagonal wobbling" creates larger wound channels and transfers more energy to the target, making for cleaner kills.

Built to Conquer Harsh Waterfowl Environments

The Blind Side 2 isn't just about hard-hitting shot. It's engineered to withstand the demanding conditions waterfowl hunters face:

  • Drylok Wad System:¬†This patented water-resistant wad technology protects the powder column from moisture, ensuring reliable ignition even in wet environments.
  • 4-Petal Wad Design:¬†The innovative 4-petal wad optimizes choke performance, promoting tighter patterns regardless of your choke tube.
  • Nickel-Plated Head:¬†The nickel-plated head enhances corrosion resistance, protecting your shells from the elements and ensuring smooth feeding through your shotgun.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • 12 Gauge Compatibility:¬†Designed for use in all 12-gauge shotguns with 3-inch chambers.
  • #2 Shot Size:¬†Ideal for various waterfowl species, from ducks and geese to smaller birds.
  • 1 3/8 Oz. Shot Load:¬†Provides a good balance between shot count and downrange performance.
  • 250 Round Case:¬†Offers exceptional value and reduces the need for frequent resupply during hunting trips.

The Winchester Blind Side 2 12 gauge 3" #2 shot is a robust, reliable, and feature-rich option for waterfowl hunters. With its innovative Hex Steel Shot, superior water resistance, and optimized wad design, this ammunition delivers the performance you need to take down your quarry confidently.

When choosing your next waterfowl load, look no further than the Winchester Blind Side 2. It's stacked for performance and built to help you bring home your limit.

This is sold as a case of 10 boxes with 25 rounds per box.

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