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Walker's IKON Forge Glasses

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The Walker's IKON Forge Glasses GWP-IKNFF2 are a premium eye protection solution designed for those who demand both functionality and comfort. Whether you're a shooting enthusiast, construction worker, or an athlete seeking reliable eyewear, these glasses deliver exceptional performance in various conditions.

The IKON Forge Glasses feature a full-frame design, encasing your eyes for complete protection from flying debris, dust particles, and other airborne hazards in dynamic environments. This comprehensive coverage is further enhanced by the matte black rubberized frame. This material is not only sleek and stylish but also remarkably durable. Its rubberized finish provides a non-slip grip, preventing the glasses from falling off during intense activities or sudden movements.

Walker's understands that proper eye protection shouldn't come at the expense of comfort. The IKON Forge Glasses are engineered with TPR Flex rubber temple arms. These innovative arms are specifically designed to offer a comfortable, secure fit on a wide range of head shapes and sizes. The soft EVA foam nose piece further adds to the comfort factor by conforming to the bridge of your nose and distributing weight evenly to eliminate pressure points. This feature is especially valuable during extended wear, ensuring fatigue-free use for long periods.

The IKON Forge includes lanyard loops for those requiring frequent removal and placement of their glasses. This allows you to attach a lanyard and keep the glasses comfortably secured around your neck when not in use, ensuring they're readily accessible whenever needed.

The IKON Forge Glasses prioritize safety above all else. The impact-resistant lenses are rigorously tested to meet stringent safety standards, including ANSI Z87.1-2010 and Mil-Spec GL-PD 10-12. This ensures they can withstand high-velocity impacts and flying objects, making them ideal for industrial settings, sports shooting, and other potentially hazardous activities.

The Walker's IKON Forge GWP-IKNFF2 goes beyond just providing protection. Every pair comes with a protective carrying case. This case safeguards your glasses from scratches, dust, and other elements that could damage them when not used. With proper care and storage facilitated by the included case, your IKON Forge Glasses will maintain their optimal condition for an extended lifespan.

The Walker's IKON Forge GWP-IKNFF2 Glasses represent a compelling choice for anyone seeking superior eye protection without compromising on comfort and style. Their robust design, exceptional comfort features, commitment to safety standards, and convenient storage solution make them a valuable investment for those who lead active lives and prioritize safeguarding their eyes.