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Tactacam REVEAL X-PRO Trail Camera

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The Tactacam REVEAL X-PRO Trail Camera offers advanced features and robust functionality for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and anyone needing detailed monitoring of remote environments. It is designed to be an indispensable tool in your outdoor surveillance arsenal, combining high-tech components with user-friendly operations. Here are the Key features:

Built-in LCD Screen: Offers easy setup and instant photo viewing, enhancing the user experience directly from the camera site.

Built-in GPS: Enables precise location tracking of the camera, adding an extra layer of security and convenience for monitoring wildlife movements or locating the camera if it's moved.

Fast Trigger Speed: With sub 1/2 second trigger speeds, the camera captures images quickly, ensuring you don't miss any crucial wildlife moments.

No Glow IR Technology: This feature ensures the camera remains utterly invisible in the dark, preventing it from scaring off animals and providing candid wildlife photos and videos.

Hybrid Mode: Allows the camera to take more pictures and send them instantly, ideal for getting real-time updates from the field.

External Port for Solar Panel: Provides an option for sustainable power, extending the camera's field life and decreasing the need for battery replacements.

High Detection Range: Capable of detecting animal movement from over 96 feet away, making it suitable for wide, open spaces.

Data Plans and Mobile App Integration: The camera operates with flexible month-to-month data plans and no contract or activation fees. The easy-to-use app delivers daily camera status reports and allows you to request HD photos and videos, although additional data charges may apply.

So, why wait? Get your REVEAL X-PRO today and experience the thrill of capturing every moment of your adventure!

Note: The camera requires a compatible SD card (Tactacam, SanDisk, or Lexar Class 10, U3, 16GB-32GB) and 12 AA batteries, which are necessary for operation but not included with the camera.

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