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Stealth Cam Fusion X V2 Verizon STC-FVRZWX

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The Stealth Cam Fusion X V2 Verizon STC-FVRZWX is a high-performance game camera to enhance your wildlife monitoring and scouting experience. This advanced camera integrates seamlessly with Verizon networks to provide real-time updates and easy access to images and data.

Key Features:

  1. High-Resolution Imaging:

    • 26 Megapixel Camera: This camera captures crystal-clear images with options for 26MP, 16MP, 8MP, and 4MP resolutions, ensuring detailed photos of wildlife.

    • Image Resolutions: These are available in two settings, low resolution (640ร—360) and high resolution (1025ร—576), catering to different needs for image quality and storage efficiency.

  2. Advanced Detection and Range:

    • 80Ft Detection & IR Range: Equipped with a powerful PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor that detects movement up to 80 feet away. This ensures you capture activity from a significant distance.

    • Matte Finish PIR Sensor: Designed to reduce glare and increase stealth, blending seamlessly into the environment.

  3. Fast Trigger Speed:

    • Updated Trigger Speed: With an impressive ~0.4 seconds trigger speed, the Fusion X V2 ensures you capture the action quickly without missing any critical moments.

  4. Customizable Recovery Time:

    • Adjustable Recovery Time: The camera has configurable recovery times ranging from 2 to 59 seconds or 3 to 59 minutes, allowing you to customize its responsiveness based on your specific monitoring needs.

  5. Storage and Power:

    • SD Card Slot: Supports up to 32GB of SD cards, providing ample storage for images and videos.

    • Battery Operated: Runs on 8 AA batteries, ensuring long-lasting performance in the field.

    • External Power Jack: This jack is compatible with the SOLPAK solar battery back, offering an eco-friendly power solution and extending the operational period without frequent battery changes.

  6. Connectivity and Setup:

    • Verizon Network: Utilizes Verizon's reliable network for real-time data transmission and image uploads.

    • Quick Scan QR Code Setup: Simplifies the setup process with a QR code for quick and hassle-free configuration.

    • COMMAND App: This app allows for remote management and camera monitoring, providing convenience and control from your smartphone or tablet.

  7. Durable Design:

    • Matte Finish: The camera's exterior is designed with a matte finish to reduce reflections and help it blend into natural surroundings, making it less likely to be noticed by wildlife or other people.

Check out the Stealth Cam Fusion X V2 Verizon STC-FVRZWX! This camera is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters. It takes excellent pictures quickly, detects movement far away, and has advanced connectivity options. Get yours today!