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Ravin .003 Arrows

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Looking for crossbow arrows that deliver top-notch performance and durability? Look no further than the meticulously crafted Ravin 6PK Arrows with Orange Nocks .003. These arrows are designed to provide exceptional precision and reliability with every shot, whether you're a seasoned hunter or a competitive archer. Get ready to exceed your expectations with these high-quality arrows!


  • Pure Carbon Construction: The Ravin arrows are crafted from 100% pure carbon, ensuring unparalleled strength, stiffness, and durability. This construction allows the arrows to withstand the rigors of hunting and target shooting, delivering consistent performance shot after shot.

  • 2" Offset Vanes: These arrows are equipped with 2" offset vanes, which enhance flight stability and accuracy. The offset design minimizes arrow drag, improves arrow rotation for tighter groups, and improves downrange accuracy.

  • Straightness Factor of ±.003'': Each arrow is precisely engineered with a straightness factor of ±.003'', ensuring uniform arrow flight and optimal trajectory consistency. This level of precision allows for tight groupings and improved shot placement, even at longer distances.

  • Aluminum Nock Bushings: The arrows feature aluminum nock bushings, providing a secure and reliable connection between the arrow shaft and the nock. This design minimizes the risk of misfires and ensures consistent arrow release for maximum accuracy.

  • High-Impact Brass-Threaded Inserts: The arrows are equipped with high-impact brass-threaded inserts that enhance front-of-center balance and improve arrow stability in flight.

  • Vivid Orange Nocks: The bright orange nocks add a touch of style to your arrows and enhance visibility, making it easier to track your arrows in flight and locate them after they've been shot.


  • Material: 100% pure carbon

  • Vane Length: 2"

  • Straightness Factor: ±.003''

  • Nock Type: Orange nocks

  • Insert Type: High-impact brass-threaded inserts

The Ravin Crossbow Arrows 6 Pack with Orange Nocks .003 is just what you need. Whether hunting or target shooting, these arrows offer great accuracy and durability. Get yours today!