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Rage Hypodermic NC X-BOW Broadhead

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The Rage Hypodermic NC X-BOW Broadhead is a top-notch hunting tool for crossbows. It's built to be powerful and precise, making it a must-have for any serious hunter. With its advanced technology and high-quality materials, this broadhead will give you the best performance possible.


  1. 2" Cutting Diameter: Provides a wide wound channel for quick, humane kills and excellent blood trails.

  2. No Collar Blade Lock: The innovative design eliminates the need for a shock collar, simplifying setup and ensuring reliable blade deployment.

  3. 2-Blade Crossbow Broadhead: Features two razor-sharp blades optimized for use with crossbows, offering superior penetration and durability.

  4. 100 Grain Hybrid Hypodermic Tip: The hybrid tip combines the benefits of a chisel tip and a cutting tip, ensuring deep penetration and lethal performance.

  5. Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule: Offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring the broadhead withstands the rigors of hunting.


  1. Superior Cutting Power: The 2" cutting diameter and razor-sharp blades create massive wound channels, leading to quick and humane kills.

  2. Simplified Setup: The no-collar blade lock design eliminates the need for additional parts, making the broadhead easier to use and more reliable.

  3. Optimized for Crossbows: Specifically designed to perform with high-speed crossbows, ensuring consistent and accurate shots.

  4. Durability: This broadhead, constructed with a machined stainless steel ferrule and hybrid hypodermic tip, is built to last and withstand tough hunting conditions.

  5. Increased Penetration: The hybrid hypodermic tip enhances penetration, making it effective even on larger games.


  • Cutting Diameter: 2 inches

  • Blade Count: 2 blades

  • Weight: 100 grains

  • Material: Stainless steel ferrule

  • Package Includes: 3 broadheads

The Rage Hypodermic NC X-BOW Broadhead might be the perfect fit for you. Its advanced technology and strong build are designed to make your hunting experience more effective and humane. With a 2" cutting diameter and a durable design, this broadhead can help you achieve precise and reliable results. If you want to enhance your hunting performance, try the Rage Hypodermic NC X-BOW. Order now and experience its power for yourself!