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Load image into Gallery viewer, MOmarsh Kennel Dog Cot Medium Dog Gear- Fort Thompson
Load image into Gallery viewer, MOmarsh Kennel Dog Cot Medium Dog Gear- Fort Thompson
Load image into Gallery viewer, MOmarsh Kennel Dog Cot Medium Dog Gear- Fort Thompson

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MOmarsh Kennel Dog Cot Medium

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Are you looking for a cozy and comfortable spot for your furry friend to rest? Look no further than the MOmarsh Kennel Dog Cot Medium! This excellent kennel cot is the perfect solution to keep your dog dry and off the ground. It's not just durable and functional - it's also designed to enhance your dog's comfort and well-being. With a range of unbeatable features, your pup will love their new resting spot!

Key Features:

  1. Duramesh Fabric: The kennel cot is constructed with Duramesh fabric, a durable and breathable material that provides comfort and support for your dog. This fabric is specially designed to allow liquids to drain through, keeping your dog dry and comfortable even in wet conditions.

  2. Slightly Elevated Platform: The cot features a slightly elevated platform that keeps your dog off the kennel floor, providing additional comfort and insulation. This elevation helps prevent contact with cold or damp surfaces, ensuring your dog stays warm and cozy throughout the day.

  3. Versatile Design: In addition to serving as a comfortable resting spot, the kennel cot can also be used as a climbing or training tool for your dog. Its sturdy construction and elevated platform make it suitable for various activities, allowing you to make the most of your dog's kennel space.

  4. Medium Size: The medium-sized kennel cot measures 28" x 20", providing ample space for dogs of various sizes to stretch out and relax comfortably. Whether your dog is small, medium, or large, this cot offers plenty of room for rest and relaxation.

The MOmarsh Kennel Dog Cot Medium is the perfect choice for dog owners who want to provide their canine companions with a comfortable and dry resting spot. With its durable construction, unique Duramesh fabric, and versatile design, this kennel cot ensures your dog stays comfortable and happy in their kennel space.

California Proposition 65 WARNING: It's important to note that using this product may expose you to a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines and recommendations provided by the manufacturer to minimize any potential risks.