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Lucky Duck Quiver Magnet

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Have you ever gone hunting and found the water too calm for the ducks to notice your decoys? Well, worry no more! The Lucky Duck Quiver Magnet is here to help you out. It's a cool gadget that creates ripples in the water, which makes your decoy spread look more realistic and lifelike. This attracts more ducks and makes your hunting experience much better.

Key Features:

  1. Realistic Movement: The Lucky Duck Quiver Magnet solves those calm-water days when decoys alone aren't enough. Its constant movement adds ripples to the water's surface, creating the illusion of ducks swimming and feeding, which will grab the attention of passing waterfowl.

  2. Natural Coloration: Designed to blend seamlessly into the water's surface, the Quiver Magnet features a color that mimics the surrounding environment, ensuring that it remains inconspicuous to wary ducks.

  3. Attachment for Anchor Cord: Easily secure the Quiver Magnet to your decoy spread with the attachment for an anchor cord (anchor cord not included), keeping it in place and allowing it to work its magic undisturbed.

  4. Battery-Powered Operation: The Quiver Magnet operates on two AA batteries (batteries not included), providing convenient and reliable power for extended use in the field. Simply insert the batteries, and the Quiver Magnet is ready to go, enhancing your decoy spread with lifelike motion.

  5. Easy Setup and Operation: The Lucky Duck Quiver Magnet is easy to set up, allowing you to spend less time on logistics and more time focusing on your hunt. Simply attach it to your decoy spread, insert the required AA batteries, and watch as it adds movement and realism to your setup.

Whether you're hunting ducks in a marsh, field, or open water, the Lucky Duck Quiver Magnet is the perfect tool to bring your decoy spread to life and attract more birds within range. With its realistic movement and easy operation, this device is a must-have for any waterfowl hunter looking to increase their success in the field.

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Neal P.
Very bad
Very good
A little motion is all it takes

We use 6-12 fully flocked decoys with 6-12 wigglers, as we call them. Make a great decoy spread with nice motion. The Lucky Duck Quiver Magnet is the only battery operated item we allow in our spread.