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Lucky Duck Lucky Junior II 6V Decoy

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Presenting the Lucky Duck Lucky Junior II 6V Decoy, a high-quality spinning-wing decoy designed to enhance your hunting experience with exceptional realism and performance.


  1. Ultra-Realistic Design: The Lucky Junior II 6V Decoy boasts an ultra-realistic Mallard carving, capturing the intricate details of a live duck with remarkable accuracy. From lifelike feather patterns to anatomically precise features, this decoy is designed to deceive even the most discerning waterfowl.

  2. Durable Construction: Crafted from durable EVA plastic, this decoy is built to withstand the rigors of the field while maintaining its lifelike appearance season after season.

  3. Spinning-Wing Action: Equipped with magnetic corrugated wings, the Lucky Junior II 6V Decoy replicates the spinning-wing motion of a landing duck with flawless precision.

  4. Extended Runtime: Powered by a 6V battery (included) and smart charger, this decoy boasts an impressive runtime of 18+ hours, ensuring continuous operation throughout your hunting excursions.

  5. Convenient Accessories: The Lucky Junior II 6V Decoy has a chest mount featuring a bungee attachment for secure positioning. The included magnetic wings and three-piece 42-inch stake also provide hassle-free setup and easy transportation to and from the field.


  1. Enhanced Realism: With its lifelike design and spinning-wing action, the Lucky Junior II 6V Decoy creates an authentic visual display that effectively attracts ducks within shooting range.

  2. Durable Performance: Built to withstand the demands of rigorous hunting expeditions, this decoy offers exceptional durability and reliability in the field.

  3. Extended Operation: The decoy's extended runtime and efficient power management system give hunters peace of mind during extended hunting sessions.


  • Decoy Type: Spinning-Wing Decoy

  • Material: EVA Plastic

  • Power Source: 6V Battery (included) with Smart Charger

  • Runtime: 18+ Hours

  • Included Accessories: Chest Mount with Bungee, Magnetic Corrugated Wings, 3-piece 42-inch Stake

In short, the Lucky Duck Lucky Junior II 6V Decoy is a great choice for duck hunting. It looks natural, lasts long, and comes with useful extras. It's a valuable tool for hunters, making it easier to attract ducks and successfully hunt. Order yours today!