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Load image into Gallery viewer, Lucky Duck Lucky HD Decoy Duck Decoys- Fort Thompson
Load image into Gallery viewer, Lucky Duck Lucky HD Decoy Duck Decoys- Fort Thompson

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Lucky Duck Lucky HD Decoy

Vendor Lucky Duck
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The Lucky Duck Lucky HD Decoy is a game-changer in spinning wing decoys. This decoy stands out for its realistic appearance, exceptional durability, and ease of setup, making it an essential tool for any serious hunter.


  1. Highly Defined and Digital: The Lucky HD Decoy boasts an impressively detailed design that adds a new level of realism to your decoy spread.

  2. Durable EVA Plastic: The decoy is constructed from EVA plastic, known for its ability to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

  3. Magnetic Wings: The injection-molded magnetic wings feature a lifelike print, adding to the decoy's realism and effectively attracting ducks.

  4. Easy Setup: The chest mount and quick-attach bungee system allow for a hassle-free and rapid setup, saving valuable time in the field.

  5. External Charging Port: The decoy includes an external charging port, simplifying the recharging process and ensuring the decoy is always ready for action.

  6. Extended Run Time: This decoy can run for over 18 hours on a single charge and is designed to last through long hunting sessions.

  7. HD Remote Kit Ready: The decoy is compatible with the HD remote kit (sold separately), providing convenient remote control operation for added versatility.


  1. Increased Realism: The detailed design and lifelike wing prints enhance the decoy's effectiveness, making it more attractive to ducks and increasing your chances of a successful hunt.

  2. Durability: Using EVA plastic and robust construction ensures the decoy can withstand the rigors of outdoor hunting, providing reliable performance over time.

  3. Ease of Use: The quick-attach bungee system and chest mount make setup and takedown simple and fast, allowing you to focus more on hunting.

  4. Convenient Charging: The external charging port makes it easy to recharge the decoy, ensuring it is always ready for use without the need for complicated disassembly.

  5. Extended Hunting Sessions: With an 18+ hour run time, the decoy can operate throughout extended hunts without frequent recharges, providing a continuous attraction for ducks.


  • Material: EVA plastic

  • Run Time: 18+ hours

  • Mounting: Chest mount with quick attach bungee

  • Wing Type: Injection molded magnetic wings with lifelike print

  • Charging: External charging port

  • Remote Control: HD remote kit ready (sold separately)

The Lucky Duck Lucky HD Decoy is a high-quality spinning wing decoy that looks realistic and tough. It's also really easy to use. This decoy is great for hunters who want to improve their decoy setup. It runs long, and you can charge it up easily, so you'll always be ready for a successful hunting trip. Get yours now!

California Proposition 65 WARNING: Using this product may expose you to a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm