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Lucky Duck Deception Series Decoy 6 Pack

The Lucky Duck Deception Series 6 Pack is all you want out of decoys. This Lucky Duck design is portable, lightweight, and durable. Able to be packed up easily and hauled in on foot to any location you find the ducks at.
  • Package includes: Upright drakes, relaxed drakes, upright hen, feeding hen
  • Easily collapse to fit in a backpack for the walk in hunter
  • Save on space and weight
  • Design allows for twice the amount of decoys in one slotted bag
  • Weighted keel
  • Lightweight so even the slightest breeze will create movement
  • California Proposition 65 WARNING:Using this product may expose you to a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm

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