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Hunter's Specialties Undertaker Chest Pack

The Hunter's Specialties Undertaker Chest Pack is just what you need to make sure you have all your gear on hand during your next hunt. This pack is made to be as lightweight and mobile as possible. There is plenty of room for turkey calls, ammo and accessories in a tight, compact pack that is firmly fastened to your core means less to weigh you down and more mobility when it counts.
  • Fully adjustable four-point harness system features quick-detach connections so you're ready for any turkey hunting situation
  • Molded dropdown chest case provides quiet & durable "rapid-access" to accessories and gear
  • Includes 3 mesh diaphragm pockets, an additional large web pocket and ample storage space for additional accessories
  • Quiet magnetic closures offer fast & stealthy access to internal and external pockets.
  • External box call sleeve allows for quick and easy access to a box call
  • Integrated shell belt in rear storage holds up to 7 shot shells
  • Rear storage contains 3 additional web pockets for pan calls, facemasks, gloves and additional gear
  • External striker holsters allow for fast and easy access to change up strikers on the fly

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