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Higdon Pulsator Mallard Drake Decoy 12V

No wind is no longer a problem. The Higdon Pulsator Mallard Drake 12V solves the issue of adding water motion to your spread. Set up is as easy as attaching the decoy-cord and weight, then dropping it into the water. The unit's built in digital timer surges a spray of water creating ultra realistic rocking and feeding motion. These are just the decoys you need to make your spread come to life. The XS Pulsator has an internal 12V 3amp lithium ion battery and timer that is built within the decoy housing which eliminates a traditional battery box attachment. No external battery box means less bulk and less weight. A single XS Pulsator can fit into most slotted decoy bags for easy transport. Recommended water depth is water as shallow as 6 inches. Runtime: 7hrs. Fast recharge time of 3 hours.
  • California Proposition 65 WARNING:Using this product may expose you to a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm