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HEVI-SHOT HeviMetal Long Range 12GA 3IN 1 1/4OZ #2 - CASE

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Conquer duck and goose season with the HEVI-SHOT HeviMetal Long Range 12 Gauge 3" Shells. This powerhouse ammunition delivers a 16% increase in downrange power compared to standard Hevi-Metal loads, letting you reach distant birds with devastating effectiveness.

The HEVI-SHOT HeviMetal Long Range shells are engineered for extended range dominance. Their secret lies in the shot itself. They feature a precision-blended mix of 30% high-density HEVI-Bismuth™ alloy pellets layered over 70% steel shot. This innovative combination provides the lethal stopping power of HEVI-Bismuth at extended distances while maintaining a dense pattern for maximum effectiveness.

Experience a remarkable 1500 fps muzzle velocity, propelling the shot further and delivering more energy on impact. This translates to cleaner kills and less chance of cripples escaping. HEVI-Shot's proprietary Pattern Density Technology ensures a tight, consistent shot pattern, even at extended ranges. This allows you to take confident long shots without sacrificing accuracy.

HEVI-Metal Long Range shells are built to perform in any weather condition. The steel shot is coated with a special dry-film lubricant to resist corrosion, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh hunting environments. Hot, high-brisance primers and custom-blended propellants guarantee dependable ignition, even in wet weather. No matter the conditions, you can count on your shells to fire when you need them most.

A thick base wad securely locks the hull into the headstamp, promoting smooth feeding and ejection in semi-automatic shotguns. This eliminates jams and malfunctions, keeping you focused on the hunt.

HEVI-Metal Long Range 12 Gauge 3" Shells are ideal for hunters who demand the most from their waterfowl ammunition. These shells are the perfect choice if you're looking for extended range, devastating power, and consistent performance in any weather.

Upgrade your waterfowling game with HEVI-SHOT HeviMetal Long Range 12 Gauge Shells. Order your case today and experience the difference in long-range lethality.

This is sold as a case of 10 boxes with 25 rounds per box.

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