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HEVI-Metal Longer Range 12GA 3IN 1 1/4OZ #BB 1500FPS - CASE

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Waterfowl hunters who always push the limits of their range can rejoice. HEVI-Metal Longer Range 12 Gauge 3" Shells offer a potent answer for taking down ducks and geese at vast distances. This ingenious ammunition combines devastating knockdown power with exceptional long-range performance, ensuring clean kills on even the most cautious birds.

HEVI-Metal Longer Range boasts a high-density HEVI-Bismuth alloy shot cup layered over a core of corrosion-resistant steel shot. This unique design increases downrange power by 16% compared to traditional steel shot, letting you reach birds flying farther out. HEVI-Shot's proprietary Pattern Density Technology (PDT) also ensures a superior shot pattern. The 30/70 blend of HEVI-Bismuth and steel shot delivers a denser pattern with more pellets on target for maximum effectiveness.

The secret to HEVI-Metal Longer Range's success lies in its hard-hitting HEVI-Bismuth shot. Compared to steel shot, HEVI-Bismuth offers exceptional density. This translates to more momentum and harder-hitting pellets that bring down birds cleanly, even at longer ranges. Furthermore, the impressive 1500 feet per second muzzle velocity translates to flatter trajectories, quicker shot times, and more energy on impact for peak performance.

With a hefty 1 1/4 oz. shot charge, HEVI-Metal Longer Range provides ample firepower to take down even the largest waterfowl. The #BB shot size offers a perfect balance of penetration and pattern density, making it ideal for a variety of waterfowl species, from ducks to geese.

For added convenience, this product comes in a case of 250 shells, providing you with a stockpile of long-range firepower for multiple hunting trips.

HEVI-Metal Longer Range 12 Gauge Shells are perfect for seasoned waterfowl hunters who consistently push the limits of their range. Hunters who frequent open areas where birds fly farther out will also appreciate the extended reach and superior pattern density.

Don't settle for limitations. Take down birds at distances that challenge traditional steel shot with the long-range dominance of HEVI-Metal Longer Range. Order yours today and experience the difference!

This is sold as a case of 10 boxes with 25 rounds per box.

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