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HEVI-Metal Longer Range 12GA 3IN 1 1/4OZ #3 - Case

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Waterfowl hunting demands precision and power, especially when targeting birds at extended distances. The HEVI-Metal Longer Range 12 Gauge 3" Shells are designed to give you the edge you need. This innovative ammunition combines hard-hitting performance with tighter patterns, all while adhering to non-toxic regulations.

These shells pack a serious punch. The unique blend of high-density HEVI-Bismuth™ alloy pellets and corrosion-resistant steel shot delivers a remarkable 16% more downrange power than traditional steel loads. This translates to cleaner kills and less chance of wounded birds escaping.

But power isn't everything. HEVI-Metal Longer Range Shells also excel in pattern density. Thanks to Pattern Density Technology™, the payload consists of a carefully balanced 30/70 mix of HEVI-Bismuth and steel shot. This combination promotes exceptionally tight patterns, ensuring more consistent hits even at longer ranges. The impressive 1500 fps muzzle velocity further enhances these shells' ability to reach out and touch wary birds.

HEVI-Bismuth offers significant advantages over traditional lead shot. With a density of 9.6 g/cc, it surpasses lead, resulting in flatter trajectories, better wind resistance, and more energy delivered to your target. Another key benefit is that HEVI-Bismuth is a non-toxic alternative. This means you can hunt confidently, knowing you're protecting the environment and complying with regulations in lead-banned areas.

The HEVI-Metal Longer Range 12 Gauge 3" Shells are the perfect choice for waterfowl hunters of all experience levels. Whether you're facing vast open fields or working challenging blinds, these shells provide the long-range performance you need to take down ducks, geese, and other waterfowl species.

With a convenient 1 1/4 oz shot weight that offers a good balance of pattern density and penetration power, and a #3 shot size ideal for a variety of waterfowl, these shells come in a case of 250 rounds, ensuring you have enough ammo for extended hunts. Upgrade your waterfowl hunting experience and experience the difference of superior long-range performance with HEVI-Metal Longer Range Shells. Order your case today!

This is sold as a case of 10 boxes with 25 rounds per box.

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