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Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade XD Series Mallards - Harvester Duck Decoy 6-Pack

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Experience the pinnacle of decoy realism with the Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade XD Series Mallards - Harvester Duck Decoy 6-Pack, meticulously crafted to revolutionize your hunting experience.


  1. Extraordinary Carving Detail: Each decoy boasts extraordinary carving detail, meticulously crafted to capture mallard ducks' perfect posture and aggressive attitude. From lifelike anatomical features to precise feather patterns, these decoys are an actual work of art.

  2. DuraFeather Supple Body: The DuraFeather supple body technology ensures unparalleled durability and realism. This innovative material cuts glare and provides a feathery-soft look while withstanding the harshest weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance season after season.

  3. IllusoryMotion Technology: Get ready to witness the ultimate illusion of movement with IllusoryMotion technology. The decoys feature interacting color contrasts and shape positions, creating a lifelike appearance that fools even the most discerning ducks, enticing them to approach confidently.

  4. 60/40 DuraKeel: The 60/40 DuraKeel design ensures the perfect ride in choppy water. This weighted keel system provides stability and realism, keeping your decoys upright and stable even in rough waters and enhancing their effectiveness in attracting ducks.


  1. Custom Detail and Performance: Built for the masses, these decoys offer custom detail and performance that meet the highest standards of duck hunters. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a novice hunter, these decoys elevate your hunting game to new heights.

  2. Realism That Works: With lifelike carving detail, DuraFeather technology, and IllusoryMotion technology, these decoys create a convincing illusion of live ducks on the water. Their realistic appearance and motion are irresistible to ducks, increasing your chances of a successful hunt.


  • Includes: Active Drake, Rester Drake, Swimmer Drake, Surface Feeder Drake, Surface Feeder Hen, Active Hen

  • Material: Durable and weather-resistant construction

  • Size: Standard-size decoys, perfect for attracting mallard ducks

  • Pack Size: 6-Pack

Enhance your hunting trips with the Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade XD Series Mallards - Harvester Duck Decoy 6-Pack. These decoys are designed to look incredibly realistic and perform well in the field. They're durable and have unique features that make them stand out. These decoys could make a real difference if you're planning a hunting trip. Get yours today!