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Flambeau Stormfront Classic Mallard Decoys 12-Pack

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Looking to consistently attract wary mallards to your spread? Look no further than the Flambeau Stormfront Classic Mallard Decoys 12-Pack. This value pack offers a dozen highly lifelike decoys designed to outsmart even the most careful ducks.
Flambeau has built a reputation for crafting top-notch hunting gear, and the Stormfront Classic Mallard Decoys are no exception. Made from a polymer blend, these decoys offer unmatched durability that can withstand the most trying hunting conditions, season after season. But durability is just one piece of the puzzle.

These decoys' genuine usefulness lies in their ultra-realistic design. Flambeau collaborates with renowned wildlife artists like Tom Christie, Dave Van Lanen, and Rich Smoker to ensure each decoy captures the true essence of a mallard. High-definition painting techniques recreate the drake's vibrant colors and the hens' subtle markings, creating a lifelike winter plumage that will convince ducks they've found a safe haven.
Flambeau goes a step further with its innovative UVision Technology. Mallards have excellent vision, and this unique paint reflects ultraviolet light, making the decoys even more visible to ducks from a distance. It's like adding an extra layer of realism that ducks can see, but you can't.

The Flambeau Stormfront Classic Mallard Decoys 12-Pack goes beyond just looking good. It provides the perfect mix of decoy positions to create a natural-looking spread that will entice ducks to land. The pack includes a combination of active drakes, semi-resting drakes, and semi-resting hens, mimicking a real mallard flock with feeding, breeding, and relaxed postures.

Functionality is another key feature. These full-size 14-inch decoys offer excellent visibility on the water. The proprietary keel design allows for natural rocking motion in wind and current, adding another layer of realism. Multiple tie-off points make anchoring easy in various water conditions, and a depth-adjusting eyelet allows you to perfectly position the decoy for shallow or deep water.

Investing in the Flambeau Stormfront Classic Mallard Decoys 12-Pack is an investment in your waterfowl hunting success. With their unmatched durability, lifelike appearance, and variety of poses, these decoys will help you attract more ducks and fill your tags season after season.