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FEDERAL Top Gun 12GA TG 2.75IN #8 1-1/8OZ 1200FPS TG128-CASE

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Calling all clay target enthusiasts! Are you searching for dependable ammunition that delivers consistent performance at an attractive price point? Look no further than the Federal Top Gun 12GA TG2.75 #8 load, a proven workhorse designed to elevate your clay-busting experience.

Built for Compatibility:

Crafted with the most common gauge, 12GA, this shotshell seamlessly integrates with a vast array of shotguns. Its 2.75-inch length ensures smooth operation within the chambers of most standard shotguns, eliminating compatibility concerns and allowing you to focus on hitting your targets.

Optimized for Clay Targets:

The #8 shot size represents the ideal choice for pulverizing clay targets. These pellets, with a slightly smaller diameter compared to larger shot sizes, produce a dense pattern at moderate distances, maximizing your chances of achieving clean breaks. Additionally, the 1-1/8-ounce shot weight offers a perfect balance between effective shot coverage and manageable recoil, making it suitable for extended shooting sessions.

Powering Through Competition:

For competitive shooters who require an edge, the Federal Top Gun boasts a muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second. This translates to quicker target acquisition and tighter shot patterns, giving you that crucial split-second advantage when the competition heats up.

Bulk Packaging for Dedicated Shooters:

The Federal Top Gun arrives conveniently packaged in a case, providing a substantial quantity of shells to keep you stocked for countless rounds of practice or competition. The exact number of shells per case may vary depending on the retailer, but rest assured, it caters to the needs of dedicated shooters who demand a continuous supply of ammunition.

Safety and Legal Considerations:

Federal prioritizes safety above all else. It's crucial to remember that this ammunition is age-restricted, requiring you to be at least 18 years old for purchase. Before acquiring these shells, thoroughly research and adhere to all local laws and regulations governing ammunition ownership and usage in your area.

The Choice for Consistent Performance:

The Federal Top Gun 12GA TG2.75 #8 represents a compelling option for target shooters seeking reliable ammunition that won't break the bank. This combination of affordability, consistent performance, and a higher velocity makes it a favorite among clay shooting enthusiasts. Remember to prioritize safe shooting practices and always comply with local regulations to ensure a fun and productive shooting experience.

This product is sold by the case. There are 10 boxes per case with 25 rounds per box.

Please know your local laws and restrictions before you order.
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