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Federal Black Cloud 3IN 1 1/4OZ #2 - CASE

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The Federal Black Cloud FS Steel 12 Gauge 3" shotshells (1 1/4oz, #2 shot, case) are a waterfowl hunter's dream, delivering devastatingly effective patterns and long-range performance. This hard-hitting ammunition is specifically designed to bring down even the most challenging ducks and geese, making it a favorite among seasoned waterfowl hunters.

Features and Benefits:

  • FliteControl FLEX Wad:Ā This innovative Wad system ensures consistent, dense patterns at all ranges. The rear-deploying petals and side vents promote optimal shot separation from the wad, resulting in a wider spread for more effective take-downs.
  • High-Performance Steel Shot:Ā Black Cloud FS Steel uses a premium steel shot that delivers exceptional knockdown power without sacrificing range. The #2 shot size (approximately .15 inches in diameter) is ideal for various waterfowl species, from ducks to geese.
  • Clean-Burning Propellant:Ā This ammunition utilizes a clean-burning, temperature-stable propellant that minimizes barrel residue. This not only makes cleaning your shotgun easier but also helps maintain consistent performance shot after shot.
  • 12 Gauge, 3-Inch Shells:Ā These 3-inch shells hold a generous 1 1/4oz shot payload, providing the power needed for extended range and maximum impact.
  • Case Quantity:Ā This product comes in a convenient case, ensuring you have enough shells to tackle even the most demanding waterfowl hunt.

The combination of FliteControl FLEX wad technology, high-performance steel shot, and a potent payload makes Black Cloud FS Steel some of the most effective waterfowl ammunition available. This load is designed to deliver tight patterns even at extended distances, giving you the confidence to take those longer shots on wary birds. The clean-burning propellant minimizes fouling in your shotgun, allowing you to focus on the hunt without worrying about cleaning your firearm constantly.

Federal Black Cloud FS Steel 12 Gauge 3" is the perfect choice for waterfowl hunters who demand the best performance from their ammunition. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new waterfowl hunter looking for a reliable load, Black Cloud FS Steel delivers the power and accuracy you need to bring down your limit. By choosing Federal Black Cloud FS Steel 12 Gauge 3" (1 1/4oz, #2 shot, case), you can be confident you have the ammunition you need to fill your tags and enjoy a successful waterfowl hunting season.

This is sold as a case of 10 boxes with 25 rounds per box.

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