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Case Rough Black Synthetic Medium Stockman Knife

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The Case Rough Black Synthetic Medium Stockman Knife is a workhorse disguised in a sleek, modern package. This dependable folding knife offers exceptional functionality for everyday tasks, making it a valuable companion for adventurers, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a well-made tool.

The Medium Stockman's true strength lies in its triple-blade configuration. Each blade is crafted from Case's Tru-Sharp™ stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional edge retention and resistance to corrosion. The clip blade, featuring a pointed tip, excels at detailed cutting and slicing. The sheepfoot blade, with its straight cutting edge and blunted tip, offers exceptional control for precise tasks like whittling or opening packages. Rounding out the trio is the spey blade, perfect for everyday cutting, light prying, or tackling curved cuts. This combination ensures you have the right tool for any situation, from campsite chores to tackling small DIY projects.

The Rough Black Synthetic Medium Stockman lives up to its name. The handle is crafted from rough black synthetic material, inspired by Case's "Gum Fuddy" knives of World War II. This virtually indestructible material offers exceptional grip and durability, making it ideal for even the most demanding tasks. The jigged pattern adds a touch of texture for a secure hold, even with wet or greasy hands.

Case knives are legendary for their unwavering quality, and the Rough Black Synthetic Medium Stockman is no exception. The Tru-Sharp™ stainless steel blades resist wear and tear, holding a sharp edge for extended use. The synthetic handle is impervious to moisture and warping, ensuring reliable performance in any environment. Additionally, the knife boasts a sturdy slip-joint mechanism for smooth blade deployment and secure closure.

The Stockman pattern has been a trusted companion for generations. The Rough Black Synthetic Medium Stockman takes this heritage and injects it with a modern aesthetic. The sleek black handle and polished blades exude a sense of sophistication, while the rugged construction ensures it can handle any adventure. Owning a Case knife isn't just about functionality; it's about carrying a piece of American heritage with you.

Despite its three blades, the Medium Stockman remains remarkably compact and lightweight. With a closed length of just under 3.6 inches and a weight of approximately 1.7 ounces, it disappears comfortably in your pocket for easy everyday carry.

The Case Rough Black Synthetic Medium Stockman Knife is an investment in reliable functionality and timeless design. Whether you're a seasoned outdoorsman, a DIY enthusiast, or appreciate a well-made tool with a touch of modern flair, this knife is a perfect addition to your everyday carry collection.