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Browning Wicked Wing 12 Gauge Shells 3IN 1.25OZ #2 - Case

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Hunters pursuing waterfowl know the importance of a reliable shotgun shell that delivers devastating power and long-range performance. The Browning Wicked Wing 12 Gauge 3" Shell, loaded with 1.25oz of #2 steel shot, answers the call. This hard-hitting round is designed to bring down geese, ducks, and other game birds with authority.

The Wicked Wing boasts a heavy payload of 1.25oz #2 steel shot, perfect for extended range and clean kills on even the most challenging birds. #2 Shot size excels when targeting geese, large ducks, and situations requiring longer shots. Highlighting the performance further is the impressive 1450 fps velocity. This lightning-fast shot placement leaves little room for escape, maximizing your success rate.

However, power is just one piece of the puzzle. The Wicked Wing takes performance a step further with its innovative wad technology. The aerodynamically stabilized wad promotes a consistent shot spread, creating a dense pattern that puts more pellets on target. This design minimizes air resistance, allowing the shot to retain velocity and maintain a tight pattern over longer distances, which is crucial for waterfowl hunting.

Browning didn't skimp on quality when crafting the Wicked Wing. High-grade components ensure smooth feeding, reliable operation, and consistent performance in any hunting condition. The shells themselves are built to withstand harsh environments, featuring corrosion resistance that protects them from moisture and guarantees dependable functionality when you need it most.

The Browning Wicked Wing offers more than just exceptional performance. Backed by the trusted Browning name, this shell represents a legacy of excellence in firearms and ammunition. However, the most compelling aspect is the value proposition. The Wicked Wing delivers top-tier performance at a competitive price point, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious hunters. Additionally, the shell's versatility extends beyond waterfowl hunting, proving effective for turkey and other large game applications.

Whether you're a seasoned waterfowl hunter or just starting your journey, the Browning Wicked Wing 12 Gauge 3" Shell equips you for success. Its lethal combination of hard-hitting shot, long-range effectiveness, and exceptional patterning ensures you'll be well-prepared to take down your quarry in the field. With the Browning Wicked Wing on your side, you can confidently conquer your next waterfowl hunting adventure.

This is sold as a case of 10 boxes with 25 rounds per box.

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