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Load image into Gallery viewer, Benchmade Redoubt Knife in the fully open position
Load image into Gallery viewer, Benchmade Redoubt Knife in the fully open position.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Benchmade Redoubt Knife in the fully closed position.

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Benchmade Redoubt Knife 430BK

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The Benchmade Redoubt Knife 430BK is designed to be a versatile tool for everyday carry, offering reliability for utility tasks and self-defense scenarios. Here are its key specifications and features:

  • Blade Characteristics: The knife features a 3.55-inch drop-point blade made from CPM-D2 steel, known for its high hardness (60-62 HRC) and excellent edge retention. This blade style is highly versatile and suitable for various cutting tasks. The blade's finish is a distinctive Cobalt Black, which adds corrosion resistance and reduces glare.

  • Blade Edge: The plain edge of the blade ensures that it is suited for clean cuts and easy maintenance, making it ideal for precision work.

  • Manual Opening: This knife's manual opening action allows for controlled and reliable blade deployment, ensuring it is ready when needed.

  • Handle Design: The handle of the Benchmade Redoubt Knife is made from Grivory. This durable material provides stability and a secure grip. It features an Overlander Gray color with a Forest Green grip, enhancing both the knife's aesthetic and functional aspects. The handle thickness of 0.61 inches ensures a comfortable and firm grip during use.

  • Dimensions and Weight: The knife's overall open length is 8.29 inches, and its closed length is 4.75 inches, making it a substantial tool without overly cumbersome. It weighs 3.7 ounces, balancing robustness and portability.

  • Overall Usability: The Benchmade Redoubt Knife 430BK is built to withstand the rigors of daily use with its solid materials and practical design. It is especially suited for those needing a dependable knife for everyday tasks and preparedness situations.

The Benchmade Redoubt Knife 430BK combines durable construction, practical design, and aesthetic appeal, making it a valuable addition to any EDC lineup. Whether for cutting, slicing or as a tactical tool, this knife is ready to perform reliably under various circumstances.