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Load image into Gallery viewer, Benchmade Flyway Knife 15700 with the blade pointing left.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Benchmade Flyway Knife 15700 with the sheath on the blade.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Benchmade Flyway Knife 15700 with the sheath on the blade

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Benchmade Flyway Knife 15700

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The Benchmade Flyway Knife 15700 is meticulously designed to cater to the precise needs of small game hunters, offering a lightweight, fixed-blade configuration that excels in field dressing and detailed cutting tasks. Here's an overview of its main features:

  • Blade Characteristics: The Flyway Knife is equipped with a 2.7-inch straight-back blade made from CPM-154 steel, which provides exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. The steel's hardness is rated between 58 and 61 HRC, ensuring a sharp, long-lasting edge. The blade's satin finish adds a classic, sleek look and helps reduce friction during cuts.

  • SelectEdge Technology: This knife features Benchmade's innovative SelectEdge blade technology, designed for optimal sharpness at a 14-degree angle per side. This technology enhances the blade's efficiency, particularly for precise cuts in small game preparation.

  • Blade Edge: The plain edge of the blade is ideal for clean and accurate cuts, making it perfect for hunters who require precision in processing small games.

  • Handle Design: The handle is made from durable G10 with a vibrant orange finish that enhances visibility in outdoor environments. Its thickness of 0.61 inches provides a firm and comfortable grip, even in wet conditions.

  • Overall Dimensions and Weight: With an overall length of 6.96 inches and a light weight of only 2.1 ounces, this knife is designed for easy handling and portability. Adding a Boltaron sheath, weighing just 0.7 ounces, offers secure and practical storage while on the move.

  • Sheath: The included Boltaron sheath is robust and weather-resistant, providing excellent protection for the blade when not in use.

The Benchmade Flyway Knife 15700 is an exceptional tool for small game hunters looking for precision and reliability. Its specialized blade and ergonomic design make it a vital companion in the field, ensuring that detailed cutting tasks can be accomplished quickly and accurately.