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Banded RedZone 3.0 Breathable Insulated Wader - Tall

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The Banded RedZone 3.0 Breathable Insulated Wader - Tall is a cutting-edge addition to the acclaimed RedZone wader series, explicitly tailored for taller individuals seeking unparalleled protection and comfort during their hunting expeditions:

RZ-CLINCHFIT STRAP SYSTEM: This system features an over-the-boot, removable protective pant that integrates with a built-in belt, eliminating any need for stitching and ensuring lasting durability and exceptional comfort.

Anatomical Seam Mapping: Reconfigured to mirror body movement, this feature significantly reduces seam fatigue, enhancing the wader's durability and wearability.

Welded Crotch Design: The new design removes stitching from high-stress areas, thereby reducing potential tear points and ensuring greater longevity.

RZ-TRACTION Boot: Anatomically molded to accommodate foot movements, equipped with a unique, deep-fluted traction pattern that ensures maximum stability and grip.

GO3-LAYER Fabric Construction: Lightweight yet robust, this material provides superior durability and optimal performance in harsh conditions.

SHEDS Waterproof Breathable Technology: Fully waterproof while maintaining breathability, this technology keeps you dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

HARS Insulation Technology: Designed for maximum thermal efficiency, it keeps you warm even in temperatures as low as -10°F to 50°F.

1600g Thinsulate Insulated Boot: Offers substantial insulation, ensuring your feet stay warm even in freezing water.

Adjustable Suspenders and Belt: Allow for easy adjustments to fit various body sizes, enhancing comfort and fit.

Fleece-Lined Hand-Warmer Chest Pocket: Provides a warm refuge for cold hands on chilly days.

Internal Flip-Up Device Pocket: Enables touchscreen devices while keeping them protected and accessible.

Shell Loops: Six easy-to-reach shell loops on the chest are angled for natural arm rotation, facilitating quick and easy access.

900D Reinforced Knee: Offers enhanced durability, crucial for withstanding rough and rugged hunting environments.

Articulated Knee Design: Improves mobility, essential for navigating through challenging terrains and conditions.

Custom Embroidering Area: This area is ideal for personalizing with your name or hunting club logo, adding a unique touch to your gear.

With its tailored design for taller individuals and enhanced features, the Banded RedZone 3.0 Tall version stands out as a top choice for hunters who require extra length without compromising on the advanced functionalities that the RedZone series promises. So why wait? Order now and experience the ultimate hunting adventure like never before!