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Avian X LCD Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy

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Attract wary gobblers close enough for that perfect shot with the ultra-realistic Avian X LCD Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy. This innovative decoy leverages cutting-edge design and meticulous craftsmanship to mimic the appearance and posture of a natural feeding hen, making it a turkey hunter's secret weapon.

Avian-X spent countless hours perfecting the details that make the LCD Feeder Hen so effective. High-definition paint schemes replicate the true-to-life iridescence of a hen's feathers, creating an irresistible attraction for toms. The relaxed, contented posture portrays a comfortable feeding hen in her surroundings, further easing a gobbler's suspicion.

The Avian X LCD Feeder Hen isn't just about looks; it's also built for functionality. The ingenious Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) design makes it easy to transport and store. The 15% reduction in size compared to traditional decoys translates to less weight and bulk in your pack. The durable, collapsible Dura-Rubber body boasts quiet movement and no-flake paint, ensuring long-lasting performance in the field.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra-realistic paint schemes with true-to-life feather detailĀ for unmatched attraction
  • Relaxed feeder hen postureĀ that eases gobbler suspicion
  • 15% smaller and lighterĀ than traditional decoys for easy transport and storage
  • Quiet, collapsible Dura-Rubber bodyĀ for silent setup and long life
  • Folding motion stakeĀ creates natural movement in the slightest breeze
  • Drawstring carry bag and collapsible stake included for convenient use

The Avian X LCD Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy is a favorite among hunters, consistently receiving high praise for its effectiveness. With an average rating of 4.66 out of 5 stars based on 65 user reviews, hunters commend the decoy's realism, performance, ease of use, and attractiveness.

Whether you're a seasoned turkey hunter or just starting out, the Avian X LCD Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy is a valuable addition to your gear. Its unmatched realism, user-friendly design, and proven effectiveness will give you the edge you need to bag that trophy gobbler.

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