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Alps Boat Blind Chair

The Alps Boat Blind Chair is the most perfect boat chair you could ever own. Offering a low/adjustable profile that has been missing in the industry and is a great addition to any boat blind hunter's setup. This chair is the best combination of comfort and convince. Featuring durable 600D polyester construction and a sturdy powder-coated steel frame with shorter leg height design, the Boat Blind Chair can achieve a low profile position—keeping hunters concealed in the boat blind while they work a group of birds. The Boat Blind Chair also features four independently adjustable legs to provide level seating when the chair is on an uneven surface of the boat bottom, which assures a comfortable and relaxed position as the birds drop in. Zippered storage, located directly under the wide seat, and small organizational pockets on both sides of the chair give hunters easy access to gear and shells.

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