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What's in Your Hunting Bag? Deer Season Edition - Fort Thompson

What's in Your Hunting Bag? Deer Season Edition

Here at Fort Thompson, we love every hunting season. While we’re in between seasons, what better way to prepare for the next one than getting your bag ready? We asked our seasoned hunters what they’re packing for deer season, and here’s what they had to say.

So, Fort Thompson wants to know: WHAT’S IN YOUR HUNTING BAG FOR DEER SEASON?

Essential Items for Your Hunting Bag

Snacks and Drinks
Keeping your energy levels up is crucial during long hunts. Pack high-protein snacks, trail mix, and plenty of water to stay hydrated and alert.

Bring along a variety of game calls, such as grunt calls and bleat calls, to attract deer to your location.

Scent Eliminator/Doe Urine
Use scent eliminators to mask your scent or doe urine to lure deer. Choose whichever suits your hunting style best.

A good pair of binoculars is essential for scouting and spotting deer from a distance. Opt for a lightweight, high-quality pair for the best results.

Extra Ammo
Never run out of ammunition. Pack extra rounds to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.

Range Finder
A range finder helps you accurately measure the distance to your target, improving your shot accuracy.

Quiver with Arrows
For bow hunters, a quiver with plenty of arrows is a must. Ensure your arrows are sharp and ready to go.

A reliable flashlight is essential for early morning or late evening hunts. Pack spare batteries to avoid getting caught in the dark.

Spare Batteries
For all your electronic devices, including flashlights, GPS, and range finders, carry extra batteries.

Keep your hands warm and protected with a good pair of hunting gloves. They also help with grip and handling your equipment.

Face Mask
A face mask helps with concealment and keeps your face warm in colder weather.

Spare Mags
If you’re using a handgun, pack spare magazines for quick reloads.

Reflective Thumbtacks
Use reflective thumbtacks to mark your trail and help you find your way back in low light conditions.

Hand Warmers
Stay warm during cold hunts with disposable or reusable hand warmers.

Cell Phone (w/ OnX App)
Keep your cell phone handy with the OnX app downloaded. This app helps you navigate and get the most out of your hunting area.

First Aid Kit
Always be prepared for emergencies with a comprehensive first aid kit.

A suppressor reduces the noise of your shot, helping to keep your location concealed.

Tick Spray/Bug Repellent
Protect yourself from ticks and other insects with effective bug repellent.

A whistle can be used for signaling or emergency situations.

A hat provides camouflage, warmth, and protection from the elements.

A sharp hunting knife is essential for field dressing your game and other tasks.

Packing the right gear can make or break your hunting experience. By having these essentials in your hunting bag, you'll be well-prepared for deer season. So, take a cue from the experienced hunters at Fort Thompson and get your bag ready now. What’s in your hunting bag? Share your must-have items in the comments below!