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Sustainable Style with Patagonia at Fort Thompson Sporting Goods - Fort Thompson

Sustainable Style with Patagonia at Fort Thompson Sporting Goods

Introduction to Sustainable Style with Patagonia

Patagonia is the leading outdoor clothing brand renowned for its dedication to sustainable practices and eco-friendly products. By using recycled materials, organic cotton, and innovative technologies, Patagonia creates high-quality, long-lasting apparel that minimizes environmental impact. Their commitment to sustainability extends far beyond their products, influencing the entire fashion industry.

Overview of Patagonia's Commitment to Sustainability

Patagonia's sustainability efforts include using recycled polyester, organic cotton, and Tencel lyocell in their products. They also donate 1% of sales to environmental causes and have implemented Fair Trade Certified™ sewing in their supply chain. Patagonia's Worn Wear program encourages customers to repair, share, and recycle their gear.

The Role of Fort Thompson Sporting Goods

Here at Fort Thompson Sporting Goods, we’re proud to carry Patagonia's sustainable clothing line. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping customers find eco-friendly options that fit their outdoor lifestyle. Through our offerings with Patagonia, Fort Thompson Sporting Goods is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact.


Men’s and Women’s Torrentshell 3L Rain Jacket

Both the Men's and Women's Torrentshell 3L Jackets from Patagonia are designed for optimal performance in challenging weather conditions. Constructed with 100% recycled materials, these jackets prioritize environmental consciousness without sacrificing functionality.  A 3-layer H2No Performance Standard shell ensures superior waterproofness and breathability, keeping you dry and comfortable during heavy rain or wet snow. Adjustable hoods provide additional protection from the elements, while pit zips allow for ventilation during exertion.  For a secure and personalized fit, the jackets offer adjustable cuffs and a drawcord hem. Whether you're facing down a downpour on a hike or navigating unpredictable spring showers, the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket is a reliable and eco-friendly choice for any outdoor adventure.


Patagonia Men's Line Logo Ridge Pocket Responsibili-Tee Mens T-Shirts- Fort Thompson
Men's and Women's Responsibili-Tees

Patagonia's Responsibili-Tees showcase the company's commitment to sustainability and ethical production. Each soft, durable t-shirt is crafted from 4.8 recycled plastic bottles and 0.26 pounds of fabric scrap, creating a blend of recycled polyester and cotton. These eco-friendly tees feature nature-inspired designs and are sewn by Fair Trade Certified workers, ensuring fair wages for everybody. Available in various sizes for men and women, Responsibili-Tees are perfect for everyday wear. By choosing these t-shirts, customers support Patagonia's mission to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices, protecting the planet for future generations while wearing a comfortable and stylish product.

Accessories and Gear

We curate a selection of Patagonia accessories and gear that embodys sustainability and style. Trucker caps and traditional caps made from organic cotton or recycled materials provide sun protection and fashion. The Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack 1L made from 100% recycled nylon ripstop fabric, offers a convenient and eco-friendly way to carry essentials. This compact pack features a main compartment, internal sleeve, and adjustable webbing hip belt. By choosing Patagonia's accessories and gear, you support the brand's commitment to reducing waste and promoting fair labor practices.

Trucker Caps and Traditional Caps

Patagonia's stylish and sustainable caps provide excellent sun protection for outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted with high-quality, eco-friendly materials, these hats are designed to last through countless adventures. The lightweight, breathable fabric ensures comfort during hot and sunny days, while the adjustable fit accommodates various head sizes. With a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, Patagonia caps allow you to express your personal style while protecting your face and eyes from harmful UV rays. The company's commitment to environmental sustainability means that you can feel good about your purchase, knowing that you're supporting a brand that prioritizes the planet's well-being. Whether you're hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying a day in the sun, Patagonia's caps are the perfect accessory to keep you cool, comfortable, and protected. Invest in a Patagonia cap today and experience the difference that quality and sustainability can make.

Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack 1L

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who value functionality and sustainability, the Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack 1L is a must-have accessory. This compact, lightweight pack is perfect for carrying essential items like your phone, keys, and wallet during short hikes or day trips. The durable, water-resistant fabric is made from 100% recycled nylon, showcasing Patagonia's commitment to eco-friendly materials. The main compartment features a zippered closure to secure your belongings, while the adjustable hip belt ensures a comfortable and snug fit. The pack's minimalist design allows for easy access to your items on the go, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer to travel light. With its sleek black color and subtle Patagonia logo, this hip pack seamlessly blends style and practicality. Whether you're exploring new trails or navigating the city streets, the Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack 1L is a reliable and sustainable choice for your everyday adventures.

Ethical and Fair Trade Practices

Patagonia prioritizes ethical and fair trade practices throughout its supply chain. The company ensures its products are made under safe, fair, and legal working conditions. They regularly audit suppliers to verify adherence to their strict Workplace Code of Conduct. Patagonia also invests in the communities where their products are made, supporting local initiatives and environmental projects. By championing fair labor practices and community empowerment, Patagonia demonstrates that businesses can thrive while upholding high ethical standards. The company's commitment to fair trade is a key pillar of its overall sustainability strategy, alongside eco-friendly materials and environmental stewardship.

Fair Trade Certified™ Products

Patagonia offers a range of Fair Trade Certified™ products, ensuring that the workers who make these items receive fair wages, safe working conditions, and community development funds. Each time you purchase a Fair Trade Certified™ product from Patagonia, the company pays a premium that goes directly to the workers who made it. These funds are used to address pressing needs in their communities, such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure improvements. By choosing Fair Trade Certified™ products, you can positively impact the lives of workers and their families around the world. Patagonia's commitment to fair trade is not only the right thing to do but also helps to create more resilient and sustainable supply chains..

Environmental Impact Reduction

Patagonia's commitment to reducing their environmental impact is evident in their use of sustainable materials and conservation efforts. The company incorporates recycled polyester, organic cotton, and Tencel lyocell into their products, minimizing the use of virgin materials and reducing waste. By sourcing materials responsibly, Patagonia decreases their carbon footprint and contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry. In addition to their materials choices, Patagonia actively supports conservation efforts through their 1% for the Planet program, donating a portion of their sales to environmental causes. This initiative allows customers to positively impact the environment with every purchase. Patagonia's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their products, as they encourage customers to repair, share, and recycle their gear through the Worn Wear program. By reducing consumption and extending the life of their products, Patagonia further minimizes their environmental impact and promotes a more sustainable approach to outdoor apparel and gear.

At Fort Thompson Sporting Goods, you’ll be able to choose between a wide selection of Patagonia's eco-friendly clothing and gear. Patagonia's products embody their commitment to sustainability, from their classic Synchilla fleece jackets made with recycled polyester to their durable Workwear line crafted from organic cotton. By choosing Patagonia, you're supporting a company prioritizing environmental responsibility and ethical manufacturing practices. Not only will you look great in their stylish apparel, but you'll also feel good knowing your purchase contributes to a greener future. Visit Fort Thompson Sporting Goods today and discover the perfect Patagonia piece to add to your wardrobe while positively impacting the planet.