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Gift Guide for the Adventurer: The Best Turkey Hunting Gifts - Fort Thompson

Gift Guide for the Adventurer: The Best Turkey Hunting Gifts

Now that it’s turkey season, you’re probably wondering what to get that turkey hunter in your life. Fort Thompson has you covered! We’re proud to have a vast array of turkey clothing, gear, and accessories. If your turkey hunter needs it, chances are Fort Thompson has it. We’ve thrown together a little gift guide for the turkey hunter in your life! Whether that’s your spouse, parent, best friend, or even yourself, Fort Thompson has what you need to make it a great turkey season. From hats to vests, ammo to calls, we’ll take you through the best of the best. After all, what would a sporting goods store be without top-of-the-line sporting goods?!

Fort Thompson's Guide to Turkey Hunting Gifts: 

Our Favorite Turkey Hunting Hats: 

Sitka Trucker Hat Mens Hats- Fort Thompson

Stay cool and comfortable with the Sitka Trucker Hat. This classic trucker hat features a mesh back for breathability and a comfortable fit. 

Natural Gear Lost Hat Co. Retro Logo Goat Rope Cap Mens Hats- Fort Thompson

  • Natural Gear Trucker Hat

    Sport your love for nature with the Natural Gear Trucker Hat.  This camo or classic trucker hat features a breathable mesh back for cool comfort on any adventure.

Fort Thompson Leather Rectangle Patch Trucker Hat FT Mens Hats- Fort Thompson

  • Fort Thompson Leather Rectangle Patch Hat

    Crafted with a classic design for comfort all day long, the Fort Thompson Leather Rectangle Patch Hat features a custom leather patch with the brand's iconic duck foot logo for a stylish touch.

Fort Thompson Logo Natural Gear Trucker Hat FT Mens Hats- Fort Thompson

  • Fort Thompson Natural Gear Trucker Hat

    Fort Thompson and Natural Gear join forces to give you a hat for your next hunt. Made with Natural Gear Camo, it features the Fort Thompson banded duck foot. 


Our Favorite Calls and Locators:

Hook's Harrison Hoot'N Stick Synthetic Owl Call

Hunter's Specialties Loco Crow Call Turkey Calls- Fort Thompson

Hook's Assassin Slate Turkey Call Turkey Calls- Fort Thompson

WoodHaven Red Wasp Turkey Call Turkey Calls- Fort Thompson

  • WoodHaven Red Wasp

    The WoodHaven Red Wasp is a best-selling diaphragm call that produces sharp cuts, cackles, and realistic yelps, perfect for luring in your next trophy bird.

WoodHaven Toxic Orange Turkey Call Turkey Calls- Fort Thompson

  • WoodHaven Toxic Orange

    Turkey hunters, look no further! WoodHaven's Toxic Orange is a user-friendly, 2.5-reed mouth call designed for easy kee-kee runs and quality hen yelps, helping you sound like the perfect catch for a wary tom.

Our  Favorite Vests:

Sitka Equinox Turkey Vest Mens Vests- Fort Thompson

  • Sitka Equinox Vest

    Designed for the active turkey hunter, the Sitka Equinox Vest prioritizes mobility with a minimalist, pack-like design. Ample storage keeps calls, strikers, and essentials organized for quick access during the hunt.

Ol' Tom Time & Motion™ Gunslinger Turkey Vest Hunting Gear- Fort Thompson

  • Ol' Tom Time Motion Gunslinger Turkey Vest

    Stay hidden and organized on your turkey hunt with the Ol' Tom Time Motion Gunslinger Turkey Vest. Featuring comfortable, weight-distributing straps and convenient pockets, this vest lets you focus on the action.

Our  Favorite Masks:


Sitka Face Mask Gaiters- Fort Thompson

  • Sitka Gear Mask

    Conceal yourself from wary game with the Sitka Gear Mask. This lightweight, breathable mesh mask comes in various camouflage options to keep you hidden during your hunt.

Natural Gear SC2 Breatheable Face/Neck Shield Mens Hats- Fort Thompson

  • Natural Gear Face Mask

    Natural Gear Face Masks come in two varieties: knit for warmth and adjustable mesh for breathability. Both offer camouflage and concealment for hunters while remaining comfortable for extended wear.

Our  Favorite Tops:


Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody Mens Jackets- Fort Thompson

  • Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody

    The Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody is designed for insect protection while hunting. It uses a combination of tightly knit fabric, Insect Shield technology, and a breathable mesh facemask to keep bugs at bay, all while remaining comfortable and moisture-wicking.

Natural Gear Hunting Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mens Shirts- Fort Thompson

  • Natural Gear Long Sleeve

    Natural Gear offers long sleeve options ideal for turkey hunting. Choose from lightweight, breathable camo for hot spring hunts, or a thicker, moisture-wicking base layer for cooler mornings spent calling gobblers.


Our  Favorite Ammo:


Rogue Ammunition 12GA 3IN #9 2 1/4OZ TSS - Single Turkey Loads- Fort Thompson

  • Rogue

    Made for serious turkey hunters, Rogue Ammunition offers TSS tungsten loads in various gauges. These high-density shells deliver exceptional range and stopping power,  helping you put a gobbler down even through brush and at longer distances.

Fiocchi Golden Turkey TSS 20 Gauge 3IN 1 3/8OZ #9 - Single - Fort Thompson

  • Fiocchi

    Fiocchi's Golden Turkey TSS loads utilize ultra-dense tungsten shot for hard-hitting patterns and long-range effectiveness. This premium ammo gives turkey hunters the confidence to take down even the toughest toms.

Remington Premier TSS 20 Gauge 3IN 1 1/2 OZ #7 - Single Turkey Loads- Fort Thompson

  • Remington

    Remington Premier TSS loads pack a punch with their ultra-dense tungsten shot.  This translates to denser patterns, extended lethal range, and more knockdown power for clean turkeys harvests.


Our  Favorite Pants:

Natural Gear Fatigue Pants Mens Pants- Fort Thompson

  • Natural Gear Fatigue Pants

    Designed for hunters, Natural Gear Fatigue Pants are quiet and comfortable thanks to their breathable fabric and adjustable waist tabs. With six pockets for ample storage, these camo pants keep you hidden and ready in the field.

Sitka Equinox Guard Pant Mens Pants- Fort Thompson

  • Sitka Gear Equinox Pants

    Built for the spring turkey hunt, Sitka Equinox Pants offer the perfect blend of comfort and concealment. The lightweight, breathable fabric moves silently as you stalk, while the durable construction withstands tough terrain and brush.


If your hunter has everything they could ever need for their trip or you just don’t know what to get them, a Fort Thompson E- Gift Card goes a long way! 


No matter what you choose, a thoughtful turkey hunting gift shows you care about their passion and pursuit.  Remember, safety is most important when it comes to hunting, so consider including a bright orange beanie or gloves for increased visibility in the field.  Most importantly, your gift will hopefully be the lucky charm that leads them to a successful and memorable hunt!