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Gear up for Summer with Ray’s Picks - Fort Thompson

Gear up for Summer with Ray’s Picks

The kids are finally out of school; Memorial Day has come and gone, and that means summer has officially started! Here at Fort Thompson, we love summertime. It’s just prepping for the next hunting season in between all the different fishing trips you have planned with your buddies. Ray’s back with his top picks to make this summer the best one you’ve ever had. This time we’ll check out some of our fishing shirts from Drake and Banded, plus his picks for summer shorts, too! And then he’ll round it out with his top pick for the summer, nothing short of refreshing. 

Banded Catalyst Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Mens Shirts- Fort Thompson

Banded Catalyst Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Coming in at number five, we have the Banded Catalyst Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt. Ray loves a good fishing shirt. The ventilation alone is enough to give this shirt a ten out of ten. Banded had the right idea when they put together the Catalyst. The shirt is soft to the touch and durable for any rugged terrain you find yourself in. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your every need. Whether you cast out a line, walk through the woods, or just chill with family and friends, this shirt will get you where you’re going and do so in style and comfort. 

Kuhl Renegade Short Mens Shorts- Fort Thompson

Kuhl Renegade Shorts 

Kuhl has built a reputation for creating clothes that are both comfortable and versatile, and their Renegade Shorts are a perfect example. Designed for the everyday adventurer, these shorts aren't going to hold you back. The stretchy fabric moves with you, whether you're scrambling up a rocky incline, casting a line from your boat, or simply relaxing by the fire. Kuhl knows adventure isn't limited to specific locations, so they've crafted shorts that can handle whatever your day throws at you, from the trail to the backyard and everywhere in between. So ditch the restrictive shorts and embrace the freedom of movement with the Kuhl Renegade Short.

Drake Town Lake Shirt Mens Shirts- Fort Thompson

Drake Town Lake Shirt 

Next, we have the Drake Town Lake Shirt. Beloved by Ray as this is his personal summertime uniform. If there were one shirt, Ray would tell you to buy it in the store regardless of price, and just because he loves it, it would be the Drake Town Lake Shirt. Designed to keep you cool in the harshest of weather, the Drake Town Lake Shirt is lightweight and has ventilation in the back for your comfort. The zipper pockets on the front of the shirt make it easy to stick extra lures or whatever you may need in there! Plus this shirt easily transitions from the boat to the party. 

Seager Yuma Shorts Mens Shorts- Fort Thompson

Seager Yuma Shorts

Stumbling upon Seager Co. is like discovering a hidden gem – everything they create is destined to become a wardrobe favorite. Take their Yuma Shorts, for example. These aren't your average flimsy summer shorts. Crafted with durability in mind, they'll conquer any adventure you throw their way, from exploring rugged trails to relaxing by the beach. But the beauty lies in their versatility. The breathable fabric keeps you cool on scorching days while the design transitions seamlessly from outdoor escapades to casual outings in town. Seager Co. makes achieving effortless summer style a breeze. With the Yuma Shorts in your arsenal, you'll have a versatile, comfortable, and undeniably cool companion for all your warm-weather adventures.

YETI Rambler Cocktail Shaker Drinkware- Fort Thompson

YETI Rambler Cocktail Shaker

No summer is complete without the YETI Rambler Cocktail Shaker. Whether you’re at the pool, the beach, the creek, or the lake, the YETI Rambler Cocktail Shaker lets you make your favorite cocktails anywhere, anytime. Ray suggests you take it out to the campsite and make a margarita on the rocks at the fire. Don’t worry; the YETI Rambler Cocktail Shaker turns into a 20oz YETI Rambler when you take the top off to use it as your beverage cup after shaking things up. It’s easy to use, leakproof, and insulates your drink. Make this summer the summer of beverages with the YETI Rambler Cocktail Shaker. 

So there you have it, folks! Ray's top picks to make this summer truly unforgettable. From sun-protective fishing shirts to versatile shorts and a cocktail shaker that goes wherever the party is, Fort Thompson has you covered for all your warm-weather adventures. With these essentials in your gear closet, you'll be ready to make memories that will last a lifetime. Now get out there and soak up the sun – summer is fleeting, after all!