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The Best Turkey Hunting Decoys for 2024 - Fort Thompson

The Best Turkey Hunting Decoys for 2024

Spring is in the air, and turkey season is upon us! Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a newbie chasing your first gobbler, the right decoy can be your secret weapon. Fort Thompson Sporting Goods has a wide selection of top-rated turkey decoys to suit your style and budget. Let's explore some key points to consider as you choose the perfect decoy to lure in that trophy bird.

Avian X LCD Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy Turkey Decoys- Fort Thompson

Why Use Decoys?

Adding decoys to your turkey hunting arsenal can give you a significant edge. They act as visual triggers, attracting curious birds with the image of a potential mate or rival. A realistic decoy setup can spark a tom's territorial instincts, enticing him to strut and investigate, bringing him closer in for you to get a clean shot. Decoys can also be confidence boosters, especially for newer hunters. Seeing a gobbler approach your decoy setup validates your calling strategies and adds another layer of excitement to the hunt.

Higdon Hard Body Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy Turkey Decoys- Fort Thompson

Choosing the Right Decoy: Realism vs. Practicality

Now that you know the benefits, let's delve into specific decoys. The Avian X LCD Feeder Hen and the Higdon Feeder Hen are two popular options for portraying feeding hens. Thanks to their innovative LCD design, the Avian X boasts incredible feather detail and a relaxed feeding pose. A special material even reflects light naturally for unmatched realism. However, this top-notch realism comes at a higher price. Plus, while convenient for transport, the Avian X's collapsible design has raised concerns about long-term durability, particularly with the stake hole.

Higdon Hard Body Upright Hen Turkey Decoy Turkey Decoys- Fort Thompson

The Higdon Feeder Hen offers a more budget-friendly alternative. This decoy features a sturdy hard-body construction with XHD Hyper Feathering for a convincing look. It's incredibly durable and ideal for hunters who prioritize long-lasting gear. The trade-off? Its rigid design makes it bulkier and less portable than the Avian X. You'll also miss out on the subtle movements that the Avian X's collapsible design allows.

Considering Other Decoy Postures

Similar factors come into play when choosing laydown and upright hen decoys. The Avian X LCD Laydown Hen and Higdon Laydown Hen  offer different advantages for portraying resting hens. The Avian X again delivers superior realism with its collapsible design and light-reflecting material. However, the Higdon Laydown Hen is a more affordable option with exceptional durability thanks to its hard-body construction.

The same applies to upright hen postures. The Avian X LCD Lookout Hen boasts incredible detail and a vigilant pose, but at a higher cost. The Higdon Upright Hen 
is a budget-friendly and sturdy option but lacks the subtle head movements of the Avian X's collapsible design.

By understanding these key points and the different features of popular decoys, you'll be well-equipped to choose the perfect decoy for your turkey hunting success at Fort Thompson Sporting Goods!


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