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5 Duck Hunting Essentials at Fort Thompson - Fort Thompson

5 Duck Hunting Essentials at Fort Thompson

Duck hunting isn't just a sport, it's a passion that connects hunters to the great outdoors. Here at Fort Thompson, we've spent almost a century working with our customers to become a trusted name in the hunting community. With a rich history and a commitment to providing top-quality gear, we're proud to be a go-to destination for waterfowl hunters. With each year, there are new products and improvements to our tried-and-true favorites, so let's explore five duck hunting essentials available right now at Fort Thompson -- in store and online!

Fort Thompson 12 Slot Deluxe Decoy Bag

A successful duck hunt begins with proper decoy management, and the Fort Thompson 12 Slot Deluxe Decoy Bag is your ideal partner. This durable and spacious bag is designed to carry and protect your decoys. With 12 individual slots, it ensures that your decoys remain organized, easily accessible, and free from damage during transport. Even better? The bag's comfortable shoulder straps make lugging those decoys to your hunting spot a breeze.


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Heyday Jerk Rig System

The Heyday Jerk Rig System is a game-changer for duck hunters. It simulates the natural movement of ducks on the water, attracting more waterfowl to your spread. This innovative rig system includes all the components you need to create lifelike ripples and motion, making your decoy spread irresistibly convincing to passing ducks.

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Banded Sling Duck Tote

Carrying your ducks out of the water is a crucial part of any successful hunt, and the Banded Sling Duck Tote makes it easier than ever. This tote is designed for comfort and convenience through and through. With padded straps, it distributes the weight evenly, reducing the strain on your shoulders. The Banded Sling Duck Tote is built to last, ensuring you'll have a reliable partner for years to come.


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Elite Duck Calls

The right duck call can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a frustrating day in the blind. Fort Thompson offers a wide selection of Elite Duck Calls, known for their exceptional quality and realistic sound. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or just starting out, these calls will help you draw ducks within shooting range.


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Banded Soft-Shell Handwarmer

Staying warm and comfortable in the field is essential for a successful hunt, and the Banded Soft-Shell Handwarmer from is a must-have accessory. This handwarmer features soft-shell fabric that resists wind and water, ensuring your hands stay cozy in cold, wet conditions. It's equipped with multiple pockets for storing essentials like hand warmers, snacks, or calls, keeping everything you need at your fingertips.

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Fort Thompson has been a trusted name in the hunting community for decades, and our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in our range of duck hunting essentials. Whatever you need to tackle this duck season, Fort Thompson has you covered. Invest in these five essential items, and you'll be well-prepared for a successful and enjoyable duck hunting season. Happy hunting!